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With over 25 years of experience in the business and a focus on Mergers and Acquisitions, Deb Newell, PhD-ABD, MBA MPM® RMP®, is a self-described "Fixer," Entrepreneur, Strategic Leader, and Consultant. She specializes in providing tailored one-on-one consulting services to various clients in the Property Management industry. This includes single-family, multifamily, REITs, PE Firms, leadership groups, software companies, and more. Her multi-dimensional approach prioritizes people, processes, and technology alongside other core areas like marketing, asset management, financials, and strategic planning.

Deb holds a B.S. in Political Science and an MBA with a double concentration in Leadership and Marketing and is completing her dissertation in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Her expansive background covers a range of competencies from leadership training and business strategy to project management, team development, and S.W.O.T. analysis. She has proven expertise in implementing maintenance solutions, driving revenue growth, and delivering product solutions.

In 1998, Deb began renovating investment properties as a hobby, successfully turning over 35 properties within four years, most of which she kept as rental investments. For more than two decades, she has managed thousands of rental properties founded and sold a property management company and a maintenance and renovation firm.

Deb has contributed her leadership and expertise at both the local and national levels, serving in various roles within the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), including Vice-Chair, Chair, and Regional Vice-President. Additionally, she has held positions on local and state realtor association boards and has served as Vice-Chair and Chair for two NAR committees from 2014-2022.

Deb's expertise comes from Six Sigma training and in providing bottom-line results with a lean management style, supported by her drive and relentless execution, helping provide the strategic solutions property management companies need to succeed.  Her speciality is to identify and provide solutions to pain points in her client's business, with a balanced approach to ensure that the root cause of an issue is addressed rather than just symptom solving.  Deb also has a proven approach to maintenance, helping companies to successfully create, execute, and profit from maintenance. 

She leverages tools such as S.W.O.T. analysis with training and management assistance backed by years of experience managing and running a successful property management and maintenance company.

Her industry knowledge and connections enhance and improve the personalized touch she brings to every solution she offers.

Deb's specialty is helping implement systems and technology that benefit you by identifying your specific needs as a company. Tailored solutions with expert execution help you become a key player in your rental market.

She also works closely with your team by providing the necessary training to reach maximum functionality and efficiency while analyzing your structure and company culture.

Deb knows how to create growth and development that will help revive your company from the day-to-day complacency that is costing you profit.

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