About Me

Deb Newell, MPM® RMP® REALTOR®

Deb Newell, MPM®, RMP® REALTOR® began her career in real estate buying and flipping properties. After turning over 35 properties in 4 years and keeping them as rental investments she started a property management company in 2001. The once "hobby" of rehabbing, evolved into one of the leading property management companies in Minneapolis/St. Paul and the launch of Real-Time Property Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Real-Time Leasing, which offers rehabbing and maintenance services to a variety of large real estate investment groups.

Deb’s passion and knowledge spread into invitations to speak and share her skills with audiences all over the country for Residential & Institutional Real Estate, Software Organizations and conferences. Her passion is what makes her an Expert in Property Management. Deb is viewed as an expert in the industry; from her life long interest in legislative matters in Real Estate to resolving everyday business conflicts; operating issues and formulating business processes that will help build a successful management company.  

Deb’s credentials include a Bachelors Degree in Political Science with an emphasis on Intentional Communities.  She has served as past NARPM® Governmental Affairs Vice-Chair and Chair and Regional Vice-President for the NE/NC Region.  She currently serves as a Board Director for SPAAR and serving her third term as Chair of RPAC, and is also Vice-Chair for 2017 (Chair for 2018) of NAR’s Property Management Forum. 

Real-Time Consulting Services consults and advises other Property Management firms on business strategy, process improvement, compliance and operational efficiency in the world of Property Management.