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Bringing you over 25 years' experience in the
real estate and property management industry!


Bringing you over 25 years' experience in the
real estate and property management industry!

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Real Time. Real Results.

What makes a best-in-class consultant—and what makes us different from other consultants in your area? We provide solutions customized to your business needs with the flexibility that comes from working with all management software platforms. We are the only experts with in-depth knowledge of the industry that also offer proven methodologies in strategy, business operations, and compliance.

Whether you need to stabilize your current business, institute policies and procedures, create processes, or develop a growth strategy for the future, we can guide you through it all.


When Technology Meets Property Management Expertise

The right combination of property management expertise and technology helps business owners improve revenue and grow their businesses! We're here to help your company find the ideal mix for more success.

Stat-Icons_Businesses Consulted
Businesses Consulted
223 +
across the country
Stat-Icons_Companies with improved top-line revenue
Companies with improved top-line revenue
97 %
in the first 3 months
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Consulted over

Property Management Company 10-Point Inspection

Use this 10-Point Inspection Checklist to review the health of your property management sales, service offering, operations, and profitability.



It is important for a business to have a supportive team; one that is focused on helping you, the owner, achieve success.



Processes are the heart of every business. To build a solid foundation, you need policies, procedures, processes, and workflows that employ the best methods.



Technology today is as vital to your business as your employees are in helping manage and run it. Neglecting technology often means neglecting your business.


Why Choose Real-Time Consulting Services?

Our #1 goal is to make your business a success. We take a ‘hands-on’ approach to your business by diving in and doing a forensic diagnosis of the business from the foundation to the top.

Our method is unique: We speak to all key players in your business, understanding that company structure and culture is just as important as establishing the processes that make your business run.

We go through the lifecycle process of property management, looking at each step—and ensuring that the sequence aligns with your business. We also analyze whether your processes, workflow management, and technology all tie into your core values as a company.



Upcoming Events & Conferences

Here are some upcoming events that Deb will be attending and/or speaking at. To book a one-on-one session (at no cost), please click on the link below.

IMN Single Family Rental East
(in person)

July 19-21

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NARPM National Convention
(in person)

October 26-29

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  • Working was Deb was a humbling yet so immensely impactful experience. Not only does she know her property management processes and the intricacies that make up our industry, but her knowledge of how to run any type of business successfully ensures that time spent with her has no other option but to make you more successful. I would recommend her to ANY business leader who is looking to grow and become better.
    Chrysztyna Rowek
    A Year Ago
  • I recently had the pleasure of attending a "People, Process and Technology" workshop led by Deb Newell. She was graceful and welcoming to all attendees with various levels of experience. Deb demonstrated confident with all questions that were tossed her way during the session! I came away with new ideas that have me excited to go back to the office and implement new efficiencies! Thank you Deb!
    Christine Goodin
    A Year Ago
  • I have worked with Deb for several months now to help with various improvements in our business. Deb has an acute business mind and is not shy when it comes to telling you what you need to do to improve. I highly recommend her services if you want to improve or expand your business.
    Eric Wetherington
    A Year Ago
  • Real Time Consulting Services and Deb Newell worked directly with our firm to help us streamline multiple processes making it easier for us to understand what's going on in our business from a bird's eye view. She also left us with a better understanding of our matrix and what levers move and drive my business forward. Anyone looking to grow or work thru growing pains faster like we were Deb can offer some great insight into what things you might be missing as a business owner. We realized that we were just too close to some obstacles we were trying to get thru and Deb was able to offer us some clarity.
    Mark Ainley
    A Year Ago
  • Extremely knowledgeable, prompt and was able to help me get through a difficult management situation.
    Jenni Utz
    A Year Ago

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