Real-Time Consulting Services offers a variety of pricing packages. With the demands of each company differing, we will review each client’s requests on a case-by-case basis, offering custom package solutions suited to the needs of your business. Our method includes a full review and development of the property management lifecycle by taking a look at each stage and ensuring each sequence is developed and written out as a process and workflow.

Remote Consulting

$ 5000 / month


Our distance package is designed to address your needs from anywhere.


  • Weekly consulting sessions, which include coaching to guide and implement services in areas of opportunity
  •                      Deliverables                            (dependent on the specific need of the project)      *see below examples
  • Possible third-party solutions
  • Technology & operation solutions
  • Exclusive customization of software/systems
  • Logistics assessment (scope of business/structure & needs)
  • Development of an operational overview to include strategy priorities & initiatives
  •             Talent Development             (including hiring assistance)
  • Implementation
  • Business process overview
  • Assessment of profitability
  • Value Propositions
    Mission & Vision Statements
  • *Website Content Creation
    Growth Initiatives & Marketing Strategy/Campaigns
    Goals & Objectives
    Processes & Workflows
    Best Methods & Practices
    Reporting mechanisms
    Customized Job Descriptions
    Customized Roles & Responsibilities
                 Tech Stack Solutions                 
    Systems, Manuals, and Applications
    Revenue & Fee Structure Overview
    And More....


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On-site Consulting

$ 2000* / day


Our elite package offering direct care and solutions from the source.


  • Assessment of business first-hand
  • Creation of Personalized Roadmap for Operations
  • Talent Development/Team Training
  • Implementation & Product Training     (if applicable)
  • Development of needed workflows/processes
  • Remote Consulting continuation



        *minimum 2 days onsite required

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Custom Consulting


Our customized package built to address your unique needs.


  • Acquisition / Valuation Assistance
  • Per-hour rate for Smaller Projects
  • Multi-Family / Asset Management 
  • Special Projects
  • Team Training
  • And more…

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