How many employees do you need to manage your current door count? What if you grow by 25%? 50%? What if you double your door count? Does that mean that you have to double your staff?

These are all great questions—and we’ve put together a free resource to help you find the answers! 


While the answers can vary wildly depending on your business, there is a way to calculate how many doors you can manage per employee without exhausting your resources or running out of cash. We’ve broken down our workbook into global categories that apply to most single-family and multi-family property management companies and their management styles—but these tactics can apply to the variety of properties in your management portfolio.

How many employees depends almost entirely on what kind of company you want to be and how you run your company. There’s nothing wrong with any style of management because it’s your style. This workbook will walk you through the questions, tools, and calculations you need to tackle to know when, where, and how to scale your business and reduce your overhead right away! 

We can’t wait to hear how you implement this process and the results you will experience! Along the way, keep in mind that I’m here to help. If you have any questions or run into areas where you could use some help, please don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation at any time.