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My husband and I own a boutique property management company in California and met Deb at the Maui NARPM conference. We have a successful company that has experienced 20% or more growth per year, but were stalled in the day-to-day operations. We felt like we were on a “hamster wheel” - working non-stop, putting out fires for our clients, not understanding why much of the standard advice we got from other management companies didn’t seem to be making things easier for our office. Deb came in and hit the ground running: she dissected our P&L, asked pointed questions, suggested reorganization that made more sense. Then she dove into our structure and systems, going through our processes with a fine toothed comb. She helped us identify what we already had in place that was working, and find the holes where we would benefit from more defined procedure. She looked at our operations from a 360 degree view, including meeting individually with each team member, to help us understand what is different and unique about our business model compared to others we come across in the industry. With Deb’s help we re-structured our staff roles and compensation packages, made a new key hire, re-vamped our website, re-branded our company, and did away with several time consuming procedures. After our three days with Deb, it was like a light went off and we had a one of those “AHA” moments - much of what we needed had been here all along, we just needed someone to get down and dirty with us to iron it all out. Within just a few weeks after our time with Deb our office was running more smoothly and independently than it ever had before, and it’s been a great 6 months since then. We HIGHLY recommend Deb’s consulting services to any property management company looking for in-depth insider insight, smart change, and a collaborative plan of action.
- Darcy & Christopher Barrow
Marin County

Deb Newell Is very knowledgeable on how to help businesses streamline processes, grow their companies, and how to help their employees. I would highly recommend Deb for consulting any company. I have also watch Deb present at different conferences around the country and any time she is presenting I make it a point to listen to her. She has help our company in many ways. I would highly recommend her to any company.
- Tiffany Rosenbaum
Operations Manager
Rosenbaum Realty Group
Mesa AZ

I have had the privilege of working alongside Deb Newell in different capacities, and her vast knowledge of not just the industry of property management, but her understanding of the inner workings of the business are impressive. She knows how to make a company more profitable. Deb has assisted my firm numerous times and each session has resulted in great nuggets of information that I could apply in my business that very day. To grow and create structure in your company, I highly recommend Deb as a consultant. She will undoubtedly give the direction and wisdom to achieve your goals.
- Paul Dizmang
Dizmang Properties, Inc.

Deb has been extremely helpful with my company's growth. Her industry connections, including with NARPM and NAR, give her access to the best people and practices in the industry. Her knowledge of company operations and procedures is second to none. For the back office you need human resources, software, and policies. For the front office you need leasing, marketing, and business development. Deb excels in all of these areas and will help your business thrive and grow!
- Jacob Beeson
Beehive Property Management, LLC

We recently hired Deb Newell from RTCS Consulting to take a look at our property management operations. Our company had grown dramatically over the past few years and we were moving out of the mom/pop stage and into the small business stage. We wanted Deb to assess our operations and make recommendations as to the current best practices in the industry. Deb spent two full days in our office and did an outstanding job. Not only did she throughly examine our business practices but she also diagnosed areas where we were falling short and then detailed what we needed to change . All in two days! To be fair, Deb spent a great deal of time before she visited us and a great deal of time after she left figuring us out and making recommendations. Our relationship with Deb continues to this day and I am anxious to have her back soon to work with us on some implementation strategies.
- Steve Young
Deca Realty Co.