Property Management Consultant Tips to Train and Onboard New Employees for Success

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Your business is only as strong as its employees. Employee bases that lack engagement, motivation, and skills will not help your business thrive. Property management companies that are most successful have employees willing to go the extra mile with a high level of commitment. 

How can you build a property management company with employees who serve clients well and help you grow? Your approach to onboarding employees is critical! A property management consultant can help you identify ways to train new (and current) employees to master company processes. Here are a few of our best tips for success when onboarding new team members.

A (Critical) Key to Success is a Strong Team

A critical key to success for any business is having the right team members, whether you're a start-up or a company with a lot of experience and history. A consultant for property management businesses will help you identify whether your team members deliver the skillsets you need—and how to identify missing links in your staffing or which employees might be a better fit in a different role.

Developing clear and thorough job descriptions helps business owners recruit the best talent. When you find the right new hires, onboarding them with excellent onboarding and training processes helps them contribute to the company's productivity and efficiency sooner rather than later! 

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Get Employees Up to Speed Quickly

Hiring a new employee and integrating them into your team should begin with training. Ramping new staff members quickly helps them feel welcomed and productive. However, spending too much time holding the hand of a new employee can be a drain on your resources and affect your team's productivity and client service. 

New hires who experience an excellent onboarding process become more valuable (more quickly) to your organization. All businesses experience some employee turnover over time. However, with well-onboarded employees who feel welcomed, trained, and valued, property management business owners can experience less turnover. Growing your employee base with the right new hires helps replenish critical skill sets and expand your ability to add new clients. 

Bring on property management consulting professionals to get employees up to speed quickly. They can assess your training and onboarding practices to make sure new employees never flounder during their first few days and weeks with your company. Giving them the tools to succeed from the start is better for your business and long-term growth!

Develop a Training Program 

While it might seem like a time-consuming process to help new employees get ramped up, it's essential to designate existing employees as "trainers" and dedicated training time to new team members. The more you prepare ahead of time for your employees to onboard them, the higher the chances of success.

Providing training availability options can help manage staff time and address different learning styles. Some new employees going through onboarding will want to get hands-on with what they are doing. Other new employees may do better in a classroom setting with presentations. There will also be employee onboarding that works better with self-pacing and on-demand training. No matter how new employees utilize your onboarding program, monitor their progress and make sure they do the work!

If you're not sure where to start or how to develop an onboarding training program, work with a consultant for property management companies. Most onboarding plans can include standard company introductions, overviews to current clients and general processes, and the "nuts and bolts," like finding the copy room and how to request office supplies.

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Set Clear Goals and Expectations

Depending on the various roles within your organization, there might not be a one-size-fits-all approach to getting each new employee ready to perform well in their specific roles. However, setting goals, expectations, and monitoring progress should be part of your onboarding plan for every new employee. A property management consultant can help you to learn how to set goals and expectations that are appropriate for each role within your company. 

Goals should be measurable and attainable while challenging new hires to get up to speed quickly—without skipping critical steps that can negatively impact how they contribute to your team's productivity

Work With a Property Management Consultant to Onboard New Employees

There's no time to waste on nonproductive time when hiring a new team member! If new employees never seem to live up to the potential you see during the hiring process, it's time to examine your onboarding process. A property management consultant can review your training programs and onboarding methods, then deliver solutions to make an immediate impact on your new-hire process. 

If you're ready to grow your property management business, or your current employees aren't producing the amount and quality of work you need to serve clients well, Real-Time Consulting Services is here to help! We can quickly assess your operations and help train new (and existing) staff members to reach their full potential—so your business can reach its full potential, too. Connect with us to schedule your free consultation!


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