How to Be a Successful Property Manager By Staying Relevant

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Updated June 9, 2022

The property management industry has seen a lot of changes in the last few years. Staying relevant as a property manager requires keeping up with those changes to help rental property owners meet their goals. Plus, learning how to be a successful property manager helps you reach your goals, too! 

What does it take to stay relevant? Whether you choose training, expert resources, networking (or other avenues to boost your knowledge), property managers need the right tools and resources to stay up-to-date and in demand. Today we'll give insights into how property managers can stay relevant and competitive—and how a property management coach can help!

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What Does Relevance Mean?

What does it mean to stay relevant as a property management company? Property management is a tough business when it comes to delivering the best services in your market and competing with other established (and new) companies. If your business cannot provide the best cutting-edge tools and services for real estate investors to succeed, those clients will move on to someone else who can.

When company professionals fail to invest time and resources into staying up to date with current technologies, regulations, laws, and trends, their company will quickly become irrelevant. Being dedicated to keeping up with these factors will allow you to become one of the most successful property management companies in your market.

So, how can business owners stay current and continue to disrupt the market? Working with a property management coach can help your business stay on top of these trends, know the best practices, and attract more clients. We also recommend the following ways to keep your business and services up-to-date with the latest ways to delight clients and experience growth!

Ways To Stay Current

The health of your company could depend on having an intentional plan to stay ahead of the game. This helps your employees to keep on top of the latest managing rental property tips and provide high-quality service for each client. What should your plan include? Find ways to incorporate one or all of the following methods to stay relevant!

Absorb Industry-Related Content

Are you a reader—or a listener? Either way, there is plenty of industry-related content out there for you to learn how to be a successful property manager!

Property management professionals should surround themselves with real estate, property management, and business-development content, including podcasts, expert blogs and newsletters, and property management training resources on industry-leading websites where you'll find guides, how-tos, and information on the latest trends. 


Joining an online, nationally-known, or local property management network will also help you expand your professional connections and resources while staying on top of what is happening in the real estate investment world. These groups are accessible through mobile applications, social media channels, websites, and resources like LinkedIn.

It is also helpful to attend industry networking events, either virtually or in person! Staying connected to other property managers, contractors, and real estate professionals in your area helps extend your reach and keep you informed about local issues. 

Attend Conferences

Whether you attend virtually or in person, find reputable industry-related conferences. Learning from industry experts and other professionals expands your knowledge, helps you find new ideas to apply to your property management business, and make positive business connections. 

Do your research before investing money and time into conferences. Make sure they are high-quality and reputable! 

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Learn About Technology

It's challenging to out-perform your competition and serve property owners or tenants well without the latest property management software and technology. Property owners and residents are increasingly demanding more convenience and transparency from rental properties and managers.

Equipping your team with the latest technology solutions and the necessary training helps them operate efficiently and effectively for your clients!

Work With a Property Management Coach

Property management training with an industry expert helps business owners streamline onboarding processes, manage employees' education and productivity, and stay updated on the best ways to optimize their operations for more success.

A property management coach is a smart idea for anyone learning how to be a successful property manager or seasoned property managers looking for ways to improve operations, add more doors, or dominate their market! 

Stay Relevant (and Grow) With a Property Management Coach!

When a property management company becomes "just another property manager" in the market, they lose momentum and fail to grow. Staying relevant helps your business get out in front of the competition and attract more property owners and doors! Whether your goal is to maintain your existing client base or experience more property management success, a coach can help you avoid the downfalls of being out of date

Your property management company is only as good as its ability to keep up with trends and demands. Whether it's coaching, resources, or networking, a successful company stays informed and well-trained to offer the best services that help rental property owners meet their goals. Real-Time Consulting Services is here to help you stay at the forefront of the property management industry and your market! Reach out to schedule your free consultation with us!

Find out if you're running a healthy company! Download our free "10-Point Inspection Checklist."

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