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Operating a property management business isn't always easy, but it can be a very rewarding experience. Sometimes, a little outside help is needed to make the business everything it can be. That's where working with a consultant like Deb Newell comes in. 

As a property management fixer and consulting expert, she can provide help, support, and hope to property managers struggling with several issues. Deb is the owner of Real-Time Consulting Services and offers a thorough look at her clients' processes to help them find areas where improvements and adjustments can be made.

By doing that, her consulting company has continued to grow year after year, and so have the property management companies she's helped and supported. Any property manager who feels like they're swimming against the current could likely use the information and expertise Deb brings to the table.

Who is Deb? Keep reading for a glimpse into her experience as a property management consultant!

Deb Newell's Experience and Background

Deb describes herself as a "fixer," and she's also a consultant, entrepreneur, and strategic leader. She has a double-concentration MBA in marketing and leadership and a BS in political science. Her background in business strategy, leadership training, and project management is enhanced by her knowledge of many other areas needed in property management.

These areas include team development, maintenance solutions, SWOT analysis, product solutions, and revenue growth. In 1998, Deb started renovating investment properties strictly as a hobby. She completely renovated 35 properties in four years and kept most of them as rental investments. In 21 years, she has managed thousands of rentals and operated her own property management company.

She later sold that company, but she remains the general contractor of a renovation and maintenance company. With the high level of knowledge and first-hand experience Deb has in the rental management sector, she knows what it takes to create property management solutions that work.

Close-up of people meeting over a table, property management consultant conceptStrength and Mastery in Consulting

In property management, success can be challenging to achieve without help from experienced industry professionals. The industry changes quickly, and if you're not changing with it, you might find yourself falling behind the competition. Fortunately, you can catch up and even surpass others in the industry when you apply the power of a property management consultant.

It's essential to make sure you're working with someone you can trust and someone who understands how to increase your revenue, keep clients happy, and improve your bottom line. With the right help and support from a consultant, you can make adjustments to your current processes that propel you forward and create a stronger company for the future. 

Deb Newell understands how vital your property management company is to you and how innovative solutions are often needed to get ahead of the competition. It's not always easy, but it's always rewarding. When working with Deb, she will dig into your business and think outside the box for ways to improve what you offer to owners and tenants to build your business faster.

Whether you're new to the property management industry and looking for advice, or you have an established company that's just not quite performing the way you'd hoped, working with Deb means getting access to mastery, strength, perseverance, and a huge database of personal and professional knowledge, right at your fingertips.

The Right Approach to Challenges in Property Management

You want, need, and deserve property management solutions that work for you and that also work for the property owners and tenants who trust and rely on you. With that in mind, Deb has a unique approach to identifying the challenges your property management company is facing and addressing them in ways that can move you forward faster than you thought possible. 

Deb's vision and goal is to make your management business successful. She does that by taking a "hands-on" approach to your company and diving into your processes to conduct a forensic diagnosis. That starts at the foundation of the company and goes all the way to the top.

Once that's done, Deb and the team at Real-Time Consulting Services can deliver solutions that are fully customized to your management company and the goals you have for its future. That's the true power of a quality property management consultant, and they can give you the insight to address changes and see the growth you were looking for but haven't been able to reach just yet.

Solutions Tailored to Your Property Management Business' Needs

One of the most valuable aspects of working with Deb is the customization you can expect. She offers customized solutions to all the property management businesses she works with, so you won't be given generic advice you could find anywhere. Instead, you'll get a unique, tailored solution you can feel good about and confident in so you can start making changes immediately.

Personalized strategies matter for the growth of your business. Sure, there are some things that you need to do the same way other management companies do so you can stay competitive. However, that's where the comparisons end and the personalization of your company begins. There are plenty of ways you can be different, and that will get you noticed. 

Of course, you want to ensure you're getting noticed and bringing a unique perspective in all the right ways, which is why a personalized strategy for success is so valuable. This strategy can help you improve what you already have and create a personal touch to your company, making it easier for owners and tenants to see the value you're offering.

Clients Love What Deb Delivers Through Her Consulting Services

Because of her expertise and approach to helping property management companies succeed, Deb hears from many happy clients. She's dedicated to giving her clients a good experience and making sure they're happy with the information she's giving them. 

Once business owners see where the issues are in their companies, they can make adjustments to accomplish more and see increased success. You can do the same when you work with Deb.

What a Few Happy Clients Have to Say

One of Deb's clients, Paul Dizmanc, has worked with her on more than one occasion and has always appreciated her business experience and knowledge of the property management industry. 

About working with her in this capacity, he says:

"I have had the privilege of working alongside Deb NewelI in different capacities, and her vast knowledge of not just the industry of property management but her understanding of the inner workings of the business are impressive. She knows how to make a company more profitable. Deb has assisted my firm numerous times, and each session has resulted in great nuggets of information that I could apply in my business that very day. To grow and create structure in your company, I highly recommend Deb as a consultant. She will undoubtedly give the direction and wisdom to achieve your goals."

Another one of our happy clients, Tiffany Rosenbaum, also applauds and acknowledges Deb's knowledge of business processes and her focus on improving the lives and businesses of everyone who hires her for consulting services. 

Tiffany says:

"Deb Newell is very knowledgeable on how to help businesses streamline processes, grow their companies, and how to help their employees. I would highly recommend Deb for consulting any company. I have also watched Deb present at different conferences around the country, and any time she is presenting, I make it a point to listen to her. She has helped our company in many ways. I would highly recommend her to any company."

It's easy to see why clients are so happy with everything Deb brings to the table. When your property management business isn't taking off or growing the way you'd hoped, the best way to discover the problem and find the solution is to work with someone who knows how to help. Choosing Deb gives you the edge you're looking for so you can easily advance your management company.

Growth with blocks moving upward, property management solutions deliver growth conceptWork With Deb Newell To Grow Your Property Management Business

When you need a property management consultant you can trust and rely on, Deb and the team at Real-Time Consulting Services is the right choice. Having a consultant means getting your questions answered by someone you can genuinely trust and someone with the knowledge and expertise you're seeking.

With a mastery of property management, Deb knows what to look for and the importance of the processes your company is using. If you're not focused on the right areas, she can guide you back in the right direction. Additionally, she can help make minor changes that quickly improve your company to give you some momentum.

You can leverage Deb's expertise and see your property management business' success continue to grow. That's a great feeling, and it's one you can get for yourself and your employees, property owners, and tenants when you make the decision to hire Real-Time Consulting Services and let us help you change your property management company for the better.

The right property management solutions can make all the difference for the ongoing and future success of your company. Schedule a free consultation today and learn what Deb can do for your company.

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