Automating Property Management Tasks

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Inefficiency can be the downfall of your property management business. When you can't deliver quality services or your team misses critical tasks that damage a client's income, a flawed or poorly-designed process could be to blame.

You might have the best property management talent available in your market. However, top talent can't overcome processes that fail your team and clients. Organizing your operations is the start of fixing process problems, but what if you went a step further?

An effective automation strategy can help boost productivity and prevent lost or backlogged tasks from continuing as an ongoing issue. With process automation, everyone knows when it's their turn to take care of their steps within a property management process.

What are the benefits of automation? As a property management coach, here's why we believe business owners must consider this critical technology application to grow their businesses.

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What Is Automation? 

Every workflow in your business operations has a start and a finish. Whether it's property management-focused or a marketing process, workflows begin with one task followed by subsequent tasks that often can't begin until the prior task completes. 

Even the best workflows can fail your business and customers when an employee fails to recognize that the last task is complete and they must complete the next part of the process to move it forward. Without automation as part of your workflows, a process relies on human interaction to communicate completed tasks and engage the next stage of an operation. 

With automation, human error plays less of a devastating part when completing a workflow. Technology takes over to alert the next responsible team member that it's time to handle their responsibilities in the process. In many cases, routine tasks can happen without any human interaction at all. No one has to worry about forgetting to do their functions or moving a process forward. 

Processes progress more efficiently while reducing errors and missed steps!  Your team of experts can serve more clients (with better accuracy and a higher level of quality) when automation helps optimize more operations

What Can Property Managers Automate? 

Automation can't show up to inspect a rental or repair a plumbing issue, so what can property managers automate? Does it really help make your work more efficient? 

Think of the tasks required to complete many property management operations. Routine tasks and workflow triggers benefit from an automation system that recognizes when an element of the process completes and it's time for the next step. When your humans spend less of their valuable time on routine tasks, they have more time to focus on profit-generating responsibilities that require human intervention for success. 

A property management coach helps business owners identify prime tasks for automation, including:

  • Scheduling calls and appointments (including property showings)
  • Emails responses to clients or new leads
  • Receiving maintenance requests and scheduling repairs
  • Answering common questions with an FAQ response
  • Renewal kick-offs and lease signings
  • Resident notifications (past-due rent, renewals, and more)
  • Sales and marketing tasks

Sometimes the smallest aspects of a workflow create the most significant problems when your team overlooks them—even unintentionally. Automation keeps everything moving (large or small) to keep clients happy and employees on-task. 

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What Does It Take To Automate?

Property management business owners need the right people, processes, and technology to effectively use an automation system. With the right property management coach, you have help to:

  • Find employees who understand property management workflows 
  • Train your team to understand their role in a process and understand how automation helps
  • Implement the best technology solutions to make automation work for you

No two property management automation solutions are the same—but you don't have to figure it out yourself! An expert property management consultant reviews your current operations, helps define your workflows, and identifies areas where problems keep you from maximizing your workforce and services. We then help you find the right property management software solutions to fit your workflows and operational goals. 

It Doesn't Replace the Human Aspect of Property Management

You still need your team. Managing rental properties still requires an outstanding staff of professionals to manage renters and owners while staying connected to your clients' goals and feedback. However, with the right automation solutions in place, your team works more efficiently and effectively. They also have more time to focus on client needs, renter requests, and nurturing new business relationships to grow your company. 

Automation Helps Property Management Businesses Grow

Growth can be out of reach if you're stuck with inefficient processes that hold your team back from doing more. The right property management coach helps you recognize where your team needs help and helps build and implement the solutions that serve you (and your clients) best!

Real-Time Consulting Services knows that automation helps optimize property management operations. We love helping business owners do more with current staffing and better technology. If you feel like your team and business are stuck in old-school practices, contact us for a free consultation! We're here to help you grow.

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