Property Management Tips for Interviewing a Potential Owner-Client

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Undertaking the proper interview process can save a lot of problems and headaches down the road for property managers. It's just as crucial to flag owners you wouldn't consider working with as those you would. 

Real estate is a people-first business, and when building your property management business, you want to work with long-term clients on a foundation of trust—no matter the market conditions or problems that may arise.  

What makes a successful property manager, after all, is people skills and the power to say no. 

In this blog, we'll break down the top Dos and Don'ts you can use in an interview to secure quality owner-clients for your business. Plus, we'll mention some mandatory questions to ask in the interview process when considering a new client.

Business people shaking handsThe Don'ts When Interviewing a Potential New Client

A good interview with a potential new client isn't only about what you should do; it's also about avoiding some things that could lead the conversation in the wrong direction or cause you to sign with a new property owner that isn't truly a good fit for your business. So here are a few things not to do!

Be Too Pushy or Sales Focused 

Being overly salesy can be off-putting to potential clients. This may signify to the client that you're only interested in financial gain and not interested in them or their property. After all, they called you to inquire about services. It might not be necessary to sell your business too hard since they came to you first. 

Bombard them With information from the Start

Overloading potential clients with details can be a red flag for them. Instead, show interest in their property, ask questions about their problems, and focus on the basics. 

Remember, you can always follow up with another call or email with additional information.

Make Big Promises

As you're still in the discovery stage and sharing information during an interview, you should wait to make any service promise to the client about what you can do until you have all the facts. Making big promises too early can leave you with something you can't fulfill later on. 

Talk Badly About Current or Past Clients 

Talking poorly of past or current clients shows a lack of professionalism. This can be a significant red flag to property owners considering your services. 

The Do's When Interviewing a Potential New Client 

Follow the best property management tips for a successful interview below to ascertain whether the potential client will click with your property management company. In addition, here are a few things to add to your interview process to make sure you bring on new clients and doors that can help your business grow!

Ask About Them

Asking about the property owner personally is a great way to discover more about their personality and habits.

A simple starting point is to ask: tell me about yourself. 

Then, follow up with open-ended questions and listen actively to the responses. 

Uncover Their Investment Goals

After you have a general understanding of their personality, you can start asking about investment goals and plans for the future. 

Ask questions, including:

  • Are you planning on selling the property soon?

  • How many properties do you have in your portfolio?

  • Have you worked with a property manager before?

  • Are you planning on growing your portfolio? 

If the client plans to sell soon, it may not be a good match for your business. At the same time, if it's one of many properties in their portfolio, then this is a sign that they are growing their portfolio and an adept investor. 

Understanding how they came into the property can also help highlight their investing experience and motivations. For example, are they active investors, or did they inherit the property?  

Discuss the Benefits of Your Property Management Service

The fact that a potential client has called you signifies that they are at least interested in property management. Therefore ask the following question to gain an understanding of their motivation: what are you most hoping to gain out of property management?

The interviewee will then specify what they want to achieve from the relationship. Then, depending on the response, you can explain a service that matches what they're after. 

For example, if they're looking for tenants, you can give an overview of your tenant screening service and thorough procedures. However, if the potential new client suggests that they want to be involved in the renter selection process, they may not be the best fit for your services.  

Prepare for the Interview

While you want the interview to have a natural feel and not be overly contrived, it can help to do a little bit of preparation. Research some of the top questions property owners may ask property managers during an interview in anticipation and be prepared with answers highlighting your services that also meet the owner's needs. Businesswoman making video call to business partner using laptop

The Benefits of a Successful Interview 

Interviewing well in the beginning stages helps you build a client base of responsible, ambitious, and trusting property owners that will work well with your business. 

Some of the additional benefits include the following: 

  • Save time and money down the line

  • Helps to maintain your business reputation 

  • Ensure you're on the same page

  • Eliminate poorly matched potential clients 

  • Refine your processes

A good interview can either lead you to your next client or help you avoid a long-term contract with a property owner that isn't a good fit for your business or services!

What Makes a Successful Property Manager? Good Interview Skills!

If you want to grow your property management business with quality owners, you need next-level interview skills. The first steps and conversations with a potential client are crucial to ensure future success and minimize any issues that may arise. 

Contracting long-term relationships with skilled owners are the foundation of your management business. If your interviewing skills need a touch-up, let Real-Time Consulting Services can help you analyze your processes and deliver more property management tips to build your business and connect with quality owners today! 

Use our free Profit Calculator to analyze your business revenue against your goals. 


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