What Are the Advantages of a Property Management Consultant?

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Are you a property manager or real estate business owner struggling with how to improve your bottom line? Does the idea of hiring a consultant make you nervous? We understand that the idea of bringing in an outside expert can be uncomfortable. Still, with the right property management consultant, property managers have an excellent resource to optimize operations and add more doors

Hiring an outside professional is never easy, especially when it requires an investment of time and money. However, many benefits come from enlisting the help and expertise of experts in this industry. 

What Does a Property Management Valuation Expert Do?

They go by a few different names. Whether you know them as a property management valuation expert, property management coach, or consultant, their primary goal is to help your business succeed and grow!

A consultant can be an excellent resource when business owners need an experienced set of outside eyes to improve employee retention, calculate profit per door, or find ways to improve profitability and growth. Whether your business is thriving (or it's stuck in a rut), sometimes a fresh set of experienced eyes on your processes, technology, and team members can help you identify the next steps for your company's future. 

Gain Objective Opinions (and Solutions)

Though we place great value on our own knowledge and experience—after all, we know the industry best—we can get stuck in our ways over time. As such, many property management business owners find they benefit from the fresh perspective offered by real estate consulting firms or professionals. In addition, their observations, insights, and suggestions can be an excellent jumping-off point for you to delve into the issues holding your business back.

To retain their best employees and clients, property managers must constantly evaluate workflows and property management systems to deliver services that dominate their market. Rather than spinning your wheels and wondering why processes or property management software that worked before no longer delivers what you need today, a property management coach can quickly identify issues and recommend solutions, saving you time and money on outdated elements that no longer serve you well. 

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When Should Property  Managers Consider a Consultant?

This is the golden question every business owner asks. Though property managers must carefully consider their bottom line along with cash flow and profitability before deciding on a consultant, there are times when this type of professional can be an excellent asset to your company or real estate business. 

When Starting a New Property Management Company

If you don't have a business yet, is there any point in hiring a consultant? Yes! When getting a brand new business off the ground, it's essential to ensure that all of your property management systems and technology are in place before you open your doors. A consultant can help you decide which processes and technology solutions are is right for your company without wasting time and money on the wrong systems first. 

A coach can also help you identify the roles to hire first and provide property management training to get them ramped up to deliver excellent property management services quickly. 

When Losing Clients and Employees

Sometimes it's hard to identify what's going wrong when clients and employees leave. A real estate consultant can help you identify what's going wrong with your real estate management company or real estate businesswhether it's something significant like broken property management processes or something more subtle like lackluster client communicationthen implement a plan to make it right again. 

When You're Ready to Grow (But Your Not Sure How)

This point may seem obvious, but sometimes it's hard for real estate business owners to own up to their own limitations. If your company is ready for growth, but you aren't sure you have the resources in place to support it, a consultant can be an excellent resource. 

The right coach can help you identify what your company needs to add more doors so that you can quickly scale your business without bogging yourself down with old systems or employees who are used to working at a different pace. Sometimes a clear path forward toward growth is hard to see without experienced insights from an industry expert to lead the way! 

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Experience the Advantages of a Property Management Consultant!

Rental management company owners often find that the insights of a consultant can more quickly help them dominate their markets. No matter how young or old your company is or whether you're ready for growth (or not), anytime is a smart time to consider the insights of a property management valuation expert. 

Real-Time Consulting Services works with property managers in all business development and company growth stages. Whether you're starting a new company or franchise or you're ready to expand to additional locations in your market, our team can help! Schedule a free consultation to learn how we help companies analyze and optimize operations to serve more doors. 

What's your ideal door-to-employee ratio? Find out with our free workbook, "How Many Doors Can I Manage Per Employee."


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